Megan Jenkinson’s Collection Atmospheric Optics

Megan Jenkinson's Collection Atmospheric Optics

I am inspired by this collection because it uses natural ight and digital photography to generate a series of captivating photographs.

“The Atmospheric Optics series of aurorae is complimented by the Morrell’s Islands series, where the further conceptual dimension of apparent knowledge or belief is added. This series arose largely from Jenkinson’s reading of exploration journals, where the peculiar phenomenon of mirage islands was frequently mentioned. It seems many early explorers, such as Captain Morrell, named and carefully charted a number of Antarctic islands. Yet when later expeditions searched for them they had disappeared. The obvious explanation, that they were simply huge icebergs, is not in fact the accepted one, but rather it seems that Polar mirages were the cause. Distance, scale, and certainty, are notoriously fickle in those regions and still fool even the most seasoned observers (sometimes with tragic consequences). Again the lenticular process has been used by Jenkinson to entice the viewer into that unnerving world. Cold grey seas promise islands that come and go almost as if one stood on the freezing, heaving deck of some explorers ship.”

Image: Atmospheric Optics XI, 2009 – Lenticular
90 x 90cm, edition of 5 + 2 AP



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